Patch of Land's Mid Term Offering is a 24-36 month product that we're offering to investors who are looking to invest in stabilized properties.
With a 6 month prepayment penalty in place and project rented or in rentable condidtion, Mid Term properties give our investors
returns of up to 11%, over longer periods.


6-Month Prepayment Penalty

Our new 24 to 36 month investment offering provides customers with 6 Month Prepayment Penalty.


Balance Your Risk Profile

Compared to our 12 month offerings, our Mid Term Product has a longer loan term often with lower LTVs: investments are typically less than 75% LTV.


Diversify Your Portfolio—Further

You'll have more ways to diversify your Patch of Land Portfolio with stabilized properties that are either rented or in rentable condition. Choose between investment offerings that vary in duration and rate

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24-36 Month Loans on Stabilized Properties: No rehab needed and properties are either rented or in rentable condition.

Compare Our Short Term & Mid Term Offerings



Short Term Loans

Mid Term Loans

Project Type Single Family Residential
Multi Family Residential
Single Family Residential
Multi Family Residential
Loan Amount $100,000 to $3,000,000 $100,000 to $3,000,000
Loan Term 1 to 18 Months 24 to 36 Months
Investment Return Up to 12% Up to 11%
ARV Up to 70% N/A
LTV Up to 80% Up to 75%
Lien Position First First
Backed by Personal Guaranty*
Approved Exit Strategy
Nationwide Reach
Close in as Little as 7 Days
Renovation Financing
Tenants In Place*

Comparing Short Term vs. Mid Term


Short term investment offerings provide customers with attractive rates by giving them exposure to residential and commercial development projects by seasoned real estate professionals. Most of these projects need to be renovated before borrowers can fulfill their exit strategy (sell or hold and refinance).

The project risk associated with these offerings can be high, but is balanced with a high rate of return. Conversely, investors can mitigate project risk and diversify their portfolio with our Mid Term Product. This product provides customers with investment opportunities in stabilized residential projects with no renovation. Mid Term investment offerings are backed by loans on potentially cash flowing rentals with risk profiles featuring a LTV less than 75%, a personal guaranty and first lien position.*


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