AutoInvest is Your Key to Quick & Easy Investments with Patch of Land


Patch of Land's AutoInvest feature is an exciting addition to our platform which allows investors to tailor their investment opportunity criteria and automatically participate only in projects that are curated to meet your specific investment objectives.

Never Miss Another Investment Opportunity. Get in on Deals That Fund Fast.

With AutoInvest, you can set your investment criteria and participate in deals curated specifically to your investment strategy. We make it easier for you to be a part of offerings that typically fund quickly, all without having to do a single click.


AutoInvest's Lower Minimum Investment Allows You to Participate in 5x More Deals.

Now, exclusively with AutoInvest, investors may participate in investment opportunities with as little as $1,000. That means you can participate in five times as many projects for the same dollar amount versus using our manual investment method. This allows investors to better diversify their portfolios by taking advantage of more investments with a lower minimum investment. 


Ready to enable? Watch the video tutorial.

Check out our video to help you get started with AutoInvest. We will walk you through the step-by-step process to set up your investment criteria, so you can take full advantage of this new and exciting feature.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about AutoInvest, please feel free to contact us anytime. Call 888-959-1465 or e-mail us at

How AutoInvest Works

1. Enable AutoInvest

Enabling AutoInvest gives you access to our newest platform feature.

2. Set Your Criteria

Set your desired minimum monthly investment (minimum of $1000 per investment), designate a maximum investment amount, as well as your desired APR, term, and project-type criteria and let our platform do the rest!

3. Earn Automatically

AutoInvest will pick properties for you to invest in based on your selected criteria, so you can just sit back and let the earnings roll in!

Ready to Enable AutoInvest?

Sign in to your Patch of Land account and click on the AutoInvest tab in your dashboard to get started.